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Drapery Factory Products
Pricing Stock # Description
  DWDRPWH wide deco rod pocket with wide header
  DRPCVCW rod pocket with cafe valance and chain weight
  DRRPH regular rod pocket with header
  DVRPH valance rod pocket with header
  DRRPRHV regular rod pocket with regular header valance
  DTTB tab with tie backs
  DWRP wide rod pocket
  DRPHT rod pocket top and bottom with header tie back
  DRRP regular rod pocket no header valance
  DFPV french pleat valance
  DSV space valance
  DWPVRPP wide pocket valance with standing ruffle top and bottom, regular pinch pleat
  DRPT regular pinch pleats with tie backs
  DRPS regular pinch pleat sheer
  DCVRTP cloud valance with standup ruffle tie back regular pinch pleat
  DRPP regular pinch pleat
  DTDRTB tabs with deco rod and single tie back
  DCRPH cafe rod pocket with header
  DPPSBVH pinch pleat drape pinch pleat sheer with balloon valance
  DPPVSPP pinch pleat valance sheer and drape

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