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Horse Program Achievements
Along with horses adopted by the public, the program has also trained over 55 horses for the Las Vegas Metro Equine Patrol, U.S. Border Patrol, the US Marine Corps Winter Warfare Facility, a southern California drill team, BLM law enforcement, a handicap school in Reno, and a local 4-H equine horse program.

Ongoing comments from individuals attending auctions:

•"It’s amazing that the majority of the trainers had no experience and have trained such excellent horses."

•"The horse I purchased at the auction has been a real pleasure to own. He is fun to ride and well trained.”

•"I was surprised that a horse can be that well trained for four months.”

•"It was a relief to find a horse with only 120 days training that could do all of these tasks.”

•"I don’t believe that this was a good program, but after seeing the men and the horses working together I’m impressed.”

"When I started in the program, I was having hard time with doing time. I came out here and found something that was wilder than I was. Learning to tame these animals helped me tame myself and realize who I am.”
--Ronald Abbott (former inmate trainer 2008)

"The program Hank (Curry) puts on is so vital to our mission.”
--Gunnery Sgt. Pete McConnell (received three program horses for the US Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard)

"I have been bragging to as many people as will listen what a fantastic job you all did on that group of horses. It was the most contented group of horses working in an arena that I have ever seen. If I need another horse, I will be coming to you again. Keep up the excellent work!”
--Annie H. (bought a horse at the Feb 2009 auction)

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