Silver State Industries "SSI"

"SSI" is a self-supporting industrial program within the State of Nevada's Department of Corrections.

All of Silver State Industries' Programs attempt to be self-supportive and actually return monies to the state, thus lowering tax dollars required to house inmates. These programs are designed to reduce inmate idleness, teach job skills, instill a good work ethic, reduce incarceration costs, and provide high quality products at competitive prices.

SSI products have a quality comparable to, if not surpassing, similar items on the open market at a substantial savings. Upon request, our representative will contact you to discuss and analyze your designs and materials' needs. Our products are manufactured inside of prison, utilizing inmate labor.


Reduce government operating costs, provide inmate the skills necessary to successfully re-enter society, and enhance the safe operation of correctional facilities.

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Furniture, Metal & Mattresses
Dairy Ranch, Horse Program
Matt Brown
Justin Pope
Garments & Draperies
Print Shop & Book Bindery
Carl "Lane" Hanner
Mary Byington
Auto Restoration & Upholstery
Craig Korsgaard

Horse Adoption Oct. 13th 2013
Horse Adoption
February 21, 2015

Comfort RX

Residential Champion

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